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All PCAS members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

PCAS Code of Ethics

The Pacific Coast Archaeological society (PCAS) is a non-profit group of professional and avocational people dedicated to proper management of our cultural resources, to the public education, and to the protection and preservation of archaeological materials and collections.

The following principles have been adopted by the PCAS:

1. Professional methods and forms will be used on all archaeological field surveys, excavations and laboratory sessions.

2. A complete record of field and laboratory work will be filed with the PCAS Curator and stored at a facility approved by the Society's Board of Directors.

3. No archaeological materials will be removed without proper permits, landowner permission, and a field research design.

4. Unless otherwise legally stipulated before activity commences, all materials collected will be deposited for further research with the Curator at a facility approved by the Society's board of Directors.

5. All generated reports will be the property of the Society and distributed as deemed appropriate.

6. All Society field activities will be performed only under the direction of a qualified field archaeologist (Principal Investigator) and the supervision of field or site directors.

7. The above principles will be observed on both Society approved projects and project performed under the direction of an authorized institution or organization.

8. The Society and its members will strive to educate the public of the importance and proper management of our non-renewable cultural resources and to discourage the collection and commercial exploitation of archaeological materials.

9. PCAS members shall not benefit from the acquisition, purchase, sale, or trade of archaeological artifacts, materials, or specimens.

10. All members shall adhere to City, County, State and Federal antiquities laws.

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