Field Trips

The Society offers numerous field trips to unique prehistoric sites. All members and members' guests are welcome to participate. Field trips are not appropriate for young children. Contact Steve Dwyer (714-969-1911) or Scott Findlay (714-342-2534) or email for additional information and to sign up for these field trips.

Please be aware that you will be required to sign a code of ethics and waiver of liability, which acknowledges that some areas we plan to visit have inherent natural dangers. If you are unable to attend a field trip for which you have signed up, please contact Steve or Scott as soon as possible. For contact the day of the field trip, call cell phone 714-342-2534.

January 20-21, 2019

Lower Colorado Desert

PCAS members plan to dry camp in a remote area of the park and visit rock art and habitation sites. For further information and to sign-up, contact or Stephen Dwyer (714-969-1911) or Scott Findlay (714-342-2534).